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time’s passing.

last week i took four days off from work, so i went to vienna for easter holidays. my family was proud that i had finally finished my studies and called me „frau magister“ because they don’t get my degree. i think they simply don’t want to, since everything is a „frau/herr magister“ in austria, which amuses me a lot. my little sister told me she feels like i’m 10 years old (she’s at that age), which made me happy. more than happy, as she said she can have as much fun as with her friends. we cuddled in bed and played singstar on her playstation. it was great to see my dad and stepmum, you can have a lot of fun with them. i loved to sing in my grandma’s corridor, as usual, with the ipod in my ears. i always sing a little wrong with the earphones in my ears, but my grandma loves it anyway. i love her, too.  i like it when she lies down in her big red armchair or when she cooks „palatschinken“ (the austrian version of pancakes). i was happy to have lunch with the family in the sun, kürbiskerschnitzel mit petersilkartoffeln. oh my, i am speaking a lot about food. i also went to steffi’s (after having had dinner and australian beer) where we had some other beers, loud music and a few nostalgic moments, as usual. and we had this oracle (which we somehow called „miracle“) that told us the answers to our questions. i was lucky to know i was going to have a more or less good future. an o.k. one at least. good that she lent me €15, as i don’t like it much to stay over at someone else’s. so i went home by taxi. the driver was kind of weird, but i arrived home safely and slept in in a minute. from the cultural point of view, i went to the theatre („im weissen rössl“ – but a funny version) and to a children’s musical show („sophistikids“). my grandma and me caught the badner bahn, she accompanied me to my dad’s house. i loved to have barbecue on the terrace, even though it was raining at 1 p.m. and i was freezing a bit. i hated it when my sister’s cat broke my cardigan, but i will try and get another one. i love the cat though, he is called „csilli“ (the spelling is from my sister). i went shopping and bought masses, as the h&m in vienna is much more relaxed than the one in munich. i spent a lot of money and went home with a smile and a red bull sugarfree in my hands. one day i had starbucks frappuccino with nici, which was nice, since i hadn’t seen her in ages. three times, i visited my grandpa in hospital. it wasn’t that funny, but it was good to see him and to relieve my grandma, at least a bit. finally i went home by plane last sunday and was upgraded to business, so i had a nice meal and a relaxing flight, which prepared me for the upcoming week.

today is friday and i cannot wait for the weekend to arrive.
also, i need music in my ears.


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Ich will wieder ein Kind sein und jetzt auf die Seefestspiele Mörbisch. Mit hübsch anziehen, lauer Sommernacht, Fähre fahren, Gelsenstichen und Riesenfeuerwerk am Schluss und mit Glücksgefühlen wieder mit der Fähre nach Illmitz fahren. Und Auto nach Hause und dann glücklich einschlafen. Kindheit. Sommer. Nostalgie.

# Der Vogelhändler – Schenkt man sich Rosen in Tirol
# nostalgisch²³

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it’s hard to repair
i tell you i know
just give it some time
and maybe some wine
and maybe a beer
and maybe a trip
to far far away
but never to stay

always come back
come back to me
please come back to me
come back to me

and this one is for all the heartbroken people

Ich bin ein bisschen verliebt: myspace.com/tamfmusic

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Golden Cage.

So you no longer care if there’s another day
I guess I have been there, I guess I am there now
You knew what you wanted and you fought so hard
Just to find yourself sitting in a golden cage
In a golden cage

So of course I miss you and miss you bad
But I also felt this way when I was still with you
Yes of course I miss you and miss you bad
But I also felt this way when I was still with you

This city’s no longer mine
There’s sadness written on every corner
Each lover was made to sign
Now I hear them calling me over and over

[Whitest Boy Alive | ich hätte doch gestern aufs Konzert sollen.]

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